About Us

Tian Da Marketing was established because we noticed that, while many small businesses know their market and their customers very well, there is a limit on the time they have to build it further and to take on a full time member of staff to do the necessary sales and marketing is a big step, especially if you only need "another pair of hands" to do this for a while.

That's where we can help.

With over 20 years sales, marketing and customer service experience, (including local, national and international companies, local and national government departments and the film industry), a large and expanding database of companies in the North East we are well placed to help you find your prospective customers and make them clients

We provide regularly updated information about what we've done so that you have a practical, useful database.

Some of the types of companies we've been able to help or had enquiries from include:

coloured contact lenses, hair extensions, car hire, forensic science consulants, safety flooring, commercial cleaning, corporate restructuring and sports car manufacturing

For a no obligation quote, contact us now: 07790 611 638

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